The Kevin & Taylor Show

The Kevin & Taylor Show

What a gift to hang out with Kevin and Taylor listeners, the best people in the world, every day! On the “Kevin & Taylor Show” we try to share “welcoming heart of God” while having “Good, Clean, Fun.”

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About Taylor Scott

What a gift to hang out with the best listeners in the world every day. The goal of the “Kevin & Taylor Show” is to mirror the “welcoming heart of God”. We try to offer you a safe place to hang out, where you don’t feel judged, a good laugh because life brings so many challenges and laughter is the best medicine. Snort-laughing is my favorite.

My husband Glenn is one of my best gifts in life. Not only did he move his Certified Financial Planning Company, so I could be on the “Kevin & Taylor Show”, he’s my biggest supporter. He makes me laugh so hard. We met after meeting briefly on campus at Wheaton College and then traveled that summer with a group of students and professors to Greece, Israel, Egypt and Italy. He proposed to me in a hot air balloon! We got married right after I finished college while Glenn was in Law School. We still love travel – especially when we get to see mountains.

I’m a typical middle child of 5 girls. I was the third daughter, and when mom and dad tired for a son, God gave them twin girls! I’m so blessed to have parents who love Jesus and taught me about God’s love for me. My sisters are dear friends. (Don’t get me wrong, we fought a lot as kids.) My dad was a pastor for 10 years and then a deacon. I grew up in the Church and went to Christian Schools. Adoption and fostering are big in our family. My mom met her birth mom when I was in high school!

We don’t have kids of our own, but we love kids and we’re crazy dog lovers too. Right now, we have Alex the Wonder Mutt – not sure if we rescued her or she rescued us. We’re so thankful to have lots of kids in our life. My five sisters and Glenn’s sister have together given us 8 nieces and 3 nephews. Glenn and I are our godparents to Kevin & Tracy’s four kids. I coach 3-5th graders with “Girls on the Run”.

Glenn and I have tried to take the pain in infertility and turn our hearts toward gratitude, loving the kids in our lives, and being big cheerleaders to parents (ya’ll have the toughest job!) We also approach our finances, so we can help take care of widows and orphans through our favorite charities.

I’m kind of a “Tom Boy”. I hate shopping, and love trail running, mountain biking, road cycling, hiking, cross-country skiing and have run 2 half marathons and 2 full marathons. I’m happiest when I’m outside with my husband on a sunny day. A good day involves some type of dark chocolate.

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About Kevin Avery

Kevin has called Atlanta, and mornings on 104.7 The Fish, home for almost 20 years. He and his wife have raised all 4 of their kids here and consider themselves ‘Northeners by birth and Southerners by Divine Intervention’!

When Kevin isn’t on the radio he loves being with his wife Tracy and their 4 kids; Kyle, Autumn, Amber and April.  

He also has 5 rescue dogs; 2 retired racing Greyhounds, a Spanish Galgo, a Podenco (also from Spain) and an Australian Shepherd.

Kevin is an avid (his wife would say obsessive) cyclist. You’ll find him cranking out the miles on the Silver Comet Trail, spinning around Buckhead or grinding out the climb at Kennesaw Mountain. Fun Fact! Kevin once rode over 10,000 miles in one year!

He’s also very involved in church as a mentor and attends the men’s events regularly.

“It’s an honor to be on The Fish every morning on the Kevin and Taylor Show. Hanging out with listeners who we consider to be our friends and family, all of us sharing our ups and downs, our joys and sorrows, we really are doing life together!”   Kevin Avery

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