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Look Now For Deals

This time of year, we often lose our attention on vacation. It’s certainly easy to. My children are still young enough to go trick or treating which means we have an influx of sugary candy lingering about. 

Holiday Travel Tips

The holiday travel season is upon us!  However, before we can enjoy an adult beverage while crackling fires warm our frigid toes, we must make it to our chosen destination. Which means it’s time to be part of the solution (not the problem) when slogging through the long lines at the airport. This is GO time people!

How To Cook A Vacation Turkey

Get the inside scoop from an executive chef from Nemacolin Woodlands Resort on how to prepare the holiday bird!

Beyond Your Backyard - Scottsdale

In this episode, I'm learning the difference between “the new west” and “the old west” in Scottsdale, Arizona. The show takes time to learn more about the breathtaking scenery, the influence of native Americans and the visual and performing arts. I soar high above the valley floor in a hot air balloon and dines with an owner/chef specializing in authentic southwestern cuisine.

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