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Ingles Markets presents Wet Nose Wednesday on 104.7 The Fish!
We love our wet-nosed, tail-wagging family members and want to share the love with our local animal shelters. We're thankful to partner with Ingles Markets to bring you #WetNoseWednesday!

Each Wednesday, Beth Bacall will highlight a different pet available for adoption at a local animal shelter. Plus, Ingles Markets will donate $100 to a featured animal shelter or rescue each month!

The adoption fees this month are $20 for LifeLine Animal Project's 20th anniversary! Plus, kitty's adoption fees are sponsored.

THIS WEEK'S FEATURED PET: Mona Lisa from LifeLine Animal Project
Dog | 3 Years Old | Female
Mona Lisa is known for her smile (just like the masterpiece.) Volunteers describe her as funny, playful and goofy. She loves butt scratches, hanging out being petted and is just plain silly, but in a good way. She's sweet, affectionate, a thoroughly enjoyable pup. She's got the cutest expressions and looks a little cross eyed but that just adds to her charm. This Mona Lisa is a masterpiece in her own right. Meet her and see if you can resist this adorable pup and her unique smile!
More information on her (if still available) can be found at
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