Roar From Zion by Paul Wilbur

Discover the power of Jesus
through ancient Jewish traditions

For two millenia, the people of God's heart have been divided: His chosen people—the Jews—on one side, and the Gentile believers in Christ on the other. What might be possible when they finally unite?

In his new book, Roar From Zion, author and songwriter Paul Wilbur draws the two halves together by proclaiming the Good News of Yeshua Hamashiach to the Jewish people and by teaching the evangelical Body of Christ about the power and blessing to be found in Jewish traditions, feasts, and festivals. While there may have been two groups for two millennia, Christ is coming back for only one beautiful Bride—unified in every way.

If you have been yearning to know more about Hebraic traditions, if you are curious about how to bridge the divide between Christians and Jews, or if you have longed to draw closer to the Lord through the rhythms that He established for His people, this book is for you.

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