Music Review: Lincoln Brewster's 'Today Is The Day'


From the first listen of acclaimed worship leader Lincoln Brewster's sixth release, it was hard to believe that this was a praise and worship album. Not because of the vagueness of lyrics (because there definitely was none of that), but the quality of the arrangements is similar to what you might find from mainstream rock. But once you get over the music, and onto the lyrics, you are once again delighted that Lincoln's message is so strong. Some serious work has been put into making Today Is The Day and it definitely shows.

The title track of this project takes that old Sunday School hit, 'This is the Day,' and turns it into a modern rock anthem. Definitely to be a hit off this project, it brings back the simple, fundamental point that today is the day that God has created. Another highlight is the song "The Arms of My Savior," a simple but wonderful song that says "There's no place that I'd rather be, than safe in the arms of my Savior." It is such a thrill to hear this, and a great reminder that there are arms that we can all run to when we need them.

The project has a lot of high points, both lyrically and musically, but at points I did feel that there was actually too much electric guitar. It's a known fact that Lincoln Brewster is an accomplished guitar player, but it seems as though he tries to prove this at every opportunity on Today Is The Day. There were times when this works brilliantly, but there are other moments where you have to ask yourself whether that was meant to be included. For example, "The Power of Your Name," starts off with a guitar solo, similar to something Phil Keaggy would do, and then goes into the main song. This would be fine if the song could not hold up on its own, but it easily does, making the intro seem frivolous.

Overall though, this is a solid project from Lincoln Brewster, and I can see him producing more great music over the upcoming years.

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